When one of Cardiff’s Oldest Buildings has a £900k refurb…. Can the New Slug and Lettuce Cardiff Central, take this old school place into a new era?


Let’s face it kids I’ve been around the Cardiff scene for more years than I care to remember… So when I was invited to the launch of the Slug and Lettuce Central, I was intrigued to see what might happen?

Why? Well, anyone whose been around St Mary’s Street for a while will realise its location has changed names and hands quite a few times. Each time its had a lick of paint, but always felt a bit tired. Its trouble has always been that its size means its a big old building to fill, and trying to get that balance so it doesn’t feel empty and cold has been a challenge.

Stonegate, the new proprietor, has spent a small fortune, nearly £900k, and it shows. As you walk in you are greeted with a beautiful cocktail making area, perfect for private sessions and parties.

Gone are the black uninviting walls, as they’ve gone with a a floral theme throughout the building. It feels clean and fresh, and not dark and dingy. The whole place has been worked out in areas, breaking down the vast expanse of the building which I think previous owners have struggled with. This feels intimate, despite the venue’s size.

You’ll also notice the lighting as soon as you go in. Decorative lighting and neon flashes are everywhere creating a great ambience.

A full beer, cocktail and spirits menu are available, with offers depending on the day. Personally I bought a bottle of the premium Sauvignon Blanc, which set me back a very reasonable £20.

The bar is being headed up by Mark Seaton. Mark has been part of the Cardiff nightlife scene for a while now and its great to see a friendly familiar face at a new venue, it gives you a sense that this bar is here to stay.

So to summarise, its beautiful, and think there’s room for it in Cardiff. The venue ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for the whole package when organising a special night out or celebration, or you can just pop in, grab a flowery booth and have a catch up. But don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourselves 🌸

For more information the bar can be contacted on all the usual social media channels or by emailing


Can the Giant Slayers do it again? We speak to Newport County’s Striker ahead of the game tomorrow…


Preparations are well underway at Rodney Parade for the biggest game to happen to the Exiles in 70 years.

Over 2000 extra seats have been added for the clash tomorrow, round the clock groundwork, and metres of bunting being put up adround the clock.

Kelly caught up with striker Padraig Amond ahead of this week’s mammoth FA Cup Clash for Newport county, exclusively for Radio Cardiff… Where they talk preparation, pitches and free pints. Catch the interview here by clicking on the link


The Jersey Boys; a Story as Unique Their Sound


http://When the WMC invited me to the Jersey Boys, it was one of those musicals I’d heard of but knew nothing at all about.

I’d heard of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, but only from Grease the film, so as my new year’s resolution was to expand my horizons ….I went along.

And what a treat! I love a true story, and this is one is about four guys who came from a tough part of New Jersey. They didn’t pretend to be angels, but what they did have was a angelic unique harmonious sound. With hits such as: Cherry, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Beggin and lots lots more.

As a musical, its funny, vibrant and throughout you just keep forgetting how many amazing hits they had, until the next one pops along that keeps you bopping in your chair. By the end everyone was on their feet for a well deserved standing ovation. Go see the Jersey Boys. Take your Nan your Grampy, your Mother, and Niece because there is something in it for all.

A new bar takes flight in the heart of Cardiff – and it doesn’t break the bank 🍷


Last night a brand new bar opened in the heart of the city in the Castle Quarter.

Fly by Night is Cardiff’s latest edition to the new signature drinking area in Cardiff. Brought to you by Formerly Bars, the interior is plush and decadent, with a twist.

Upstairs is decorated with flowers and subtle lighting, with velvet covered chairs.

Downstairs has a contrasting metal theme, but decorated beautifully with hand painted geishas and swallows.

All this decadence you may think is a reflection on how much a as drink may cost …. But not at Fly by Night. They have an extensive wine list and back bar, but a glass of wine here starts at just £3.00 for 125mls, massively cutting the price of drinking in this area of Cardiff.

Well known David ‘Fitz’ Adams heads up the team there, bringing years of knowledge and interest in everything served. Booking is recommended, as space is limited.

So for me guys its a big huge yes. You get all the superb service and choice expected in the bars in that area of Cardiff, without you having to break the bank to get it.

Go visit. Its great.

Catch up with Studio 54… With featured artist Odyssey…. Getting you ready for Party in the Park this Month!


Radio Cardiff has been moving to a brand new location, so we haven’t been shouting as much as we usually would…. However the can catch up with a little disco that you may have missed right here!

Here’s a whole hour of disco for you, getting us excited for the up and coming Party in the Park in Cardiff with Earth Wind and Fire Headlining and the wonderful Odyssey supporting! Tickets are still available but selling out fast!

Click here to catch up with some essential disco 😍 and get ready for the weekend 😃👌🏼


She loves you yeah yeah yeah…..Beatles fan? Then read this…


Yep I certainly do. Went to Let it Be the tour on Tuesday and what a glorious surprise…. I turned up with my brother (a huuuuge Beatles fan) to the Wales Millennium Centre, expecting a musical style show…but no! It’s basically the best tribute show you’ll ever see! There’s no talking; and the only acting is the band acting in characters as part of the Fab four on stage.

The songs take you from the first Beatles songs, to the St Pepper era, finished by “imagining” they all stayed together as mates, and all perform each other’s solo hits together, including amazing classics like “Imagine” , “Live and Let Die” and many more.

The music is performed completely live on stage by the artists and is a true treat. If you hate musicals but love the Beatles …. This is the one for you.

For more information and tickets visit http://www.wmc.org.uk

Logs, Blogs, Fingers and Bestival…..


Well hello! Its been a while, but I really do have a good excuse. While doing my disco show on the 21st July, I managed to have a cracking little accident, locking up the station, resulting in my left index finger being severed off at the first knuckle…. Yep bet you weren’t expecting that! 3 operations later and It’s looking like a still have a finger. This is good. Its going to be a painful and long process, but hey ho, at least I’m not gonna be called stumpy for the rest of my life eh?

To celebrate the ok from the docs I decided to venture to Bestival. Now, I hadn’t heard the most positive things about last year, as mother nature was definitely not on their side, and everyone seemed to sulk that it had moved…. but the whole point of reviews is to see what you think, so off  I went.

This is the bit where I’d usually start the review. I’d go on about the layout, programme etc, but something happened to me that made me see this festival in a whole different light. 3 hours into the journey, and literally turning off to Bestival, something rather scary happened. A huge log fell out of the tree, while we were driving, smashing completely through my windscreen. We screamed, pulled over and literally couldn’t believe our eyes.

Now this is where I start my review. I always believe an event can be judged on how they deal with their curveballs, and hand on heart, Bestival really were the best. Within seconds we has 2 stewards with us, directing traffic around us to keep us safe. 4 police turned up within 2 minutes of it happening, asking us if we needed assistance. We were understandably shaken, so the stewards offered us water. The sheer quickness of their response left us feeling reassured and a little less shaken. The car wasn’t really driveable, so the stewards radio’d ahead so we could park in the first available car park, which just happened to be artists camping and parking. Now, the security was high for this area as expected, but honestly nothing was too much trouble. We pulled in to the car park to be greeted by Rhys the steward, who was exceptional. He arranged for us to not only park there, but camp in the artists area (with the permission of the wonderful Box Office manager Jess) so we could be near the car. They also arranged for us to get our accreditation at that box office and not the other side….. we were so grateful in our shaken state. I made a few phone calls, and the window could only be fixed on the Monday – but that was fine. We could stay in the area all weekend, and was told by Jess to “get gone and have some fun” as they would look after the car for the weekend.


Boom! Oh how we jumped!!!!

What a first impression. But there’s more….

After setting up and having a few beers at the camp we ventured into the site. Set in the stunning Lulworth Castle, the rest of the festival really did not disappoint. One thing that I’ve never experienced in a festival before, is that Bestival allows you to take your own alcohol in. Yep, no sucking you dry on the bars, Bestival allows you to take in 6 cans per person, which I think sets the bar for what this festival is about. Having fun, not making money. The main Castle Stage was accessible to all, with good views all around so all could see. Stage right of the Castle stage is the Lucky Cat bar… or VIP area. You are able to purchase tickets for this area, or its included with any hospitality or boutique camping you may book. If you don’t like too many crowds, or need a quick pee, then this is your area and worth the upgrade. You can see the main stage really well, pee and get a drink at the bar. The prices are the same as the main arena, so for me its a thumbs (not fingers obvs!) up from me for paying for that upgrade.

As we were partying in the Lucky Cat Bar we spotted a local celeb to Cardiff and Newport; namely the one and only Iffy Harris. Iffy was with his partner in crime Ron and looked amazing in their costumes!!!! Iffy travels to Bestival every year and wanted to show us his favourite place in Bestival: Caravanserai.


Mister Ifster, Jay Fab Page and Big Ron rocking it

Now there are many incredible stages and nooks and crannies in Bestival, so many, there’s no way I could write about them all, but Iffy’s choice has to be written about. Its situated right in the middle of the festival and as you approach it you join a small queue to what looks like a waltzers ride in a fairground. Once you get past the doors, you soon realise all is not what it seems. The area opens up like a TARDIS, with another “fairground ride” style stage. Theres lots of live music, trapeze artists above you, cut up caravans and old waltzers seats for you to sit in, and lots lots more, so much, you have no idea where to look first. The time and effort and thought that has gone into this area is incredible and can only be described as a festival in a festival – you could stay there all night! But we knew there was more so off we went in search of HMS Bestival.

So HMS Bestival eh? We were thinking nautical themed stage…. you know fishes, blue and white stripes, anchors, that kind of thing……but no… that’s not the Bestival style. Guys….. THERES A BIG FREAKING SHIP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD!!!!!! Yep you read that right… the stage is a ship. It’s totally incredible and visually stunning. Over the weekend there was a mixture from East 17’s early Xmas party, to Shola Ama to Faithless on this stage, and was certainly a favourite of mine for the weekend.


HMS Bestival

I haven’t even started on the music. Grace Jones was ridiculous and over the top and everything I hoped she’d be. She moved on that stage at 70 better than I’ve seen some 20 year olds move and banged out those tunes, even including a classic Bowie track. Rudimental did what they do best, playing classic tunage and mixing it in with a D’n’B style on the Temple Stage, creating enormous energy with the 25k people watching on. The surprise for me was Plan B. He, by far, blew the stage off its foundations with one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard live in a long time. The crowd were thrown hit after hit, and I can safely say he should have easily been the Sunday headliner for me.

All in all for me, Bestival is brilliant…. I love music, I’m a DJ after all, however, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this…. The acts were incredible, but not the best bit. The atmosphere, the visuals, the whole entire place attacks all of your sense, beats you up and smacks you in the face, and guys, you have to experience it. Go to Bestival. you wont regret it!!!

Thanks to Jay Page my wingman for the weekend and Iffy for the pics.

Time to catch up with those reviews…… First up….Depot in The Castle – Sister Sledge, Tacos and Star Spotting


I was lucky enough to be invited by the guys at Depot in Cardiff to cover Depot in Cardiff Castle on June 2nd.

The castle is always an amazing setting for a gig, but this was advertised as family day out with some serious entertainment too; namely Sister Sledge and the Fratellis headlining, and nobody was disappointed.

With the sun blazing and the kids having a fabulous time, there was a full turn out and a great atmosphere at the Castle. There was also a few international and local stars too, with appearances by Reuben De Maid hanging out in the crowd, Amanda Henderson and local stars from rugby and ice hockey enjoying the day. Street food was served all day, with the likes of Mr Croquewhich melting their cheese everywhere, and with a very easy 5 minute wait at the bar for your pint, everyone was happy.

I must say thought the highlight of the day apart from the melted cheese, was another kind of cheese. Big fat sparkly disco glitter cheese! Yep, Sister Sledge. You never know when you sign up to see an older band performing, quite what you might get…. but the ladies still have it!!! Dance routines, perfect vocals and they belted out the classics. They left to rousing applause, a line of applause backstage from all the production, and no one could deny they are as good as the day they released their singles.

Let’s hope Depot in the Castle is staying as an annual event in Cardiff. Its an absolute corker.

My utmost blogging apologies – I’m in a field with a pint of Dark Fruits again……


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Its fair to say Kelly is never more happy that standing in a field with a bit of live music, with a pint in her hand. I’ve literally been in fields (yes plural) over every consecutive weekend over the past 6 weeks and it’s true to say I’m sporting a tan that could rival the old woman from “Something About Mary”. Now, I’m not moaning… I’ve had the time of my life, but this does pose a bit of a blogging nightmare though as 1. Wifi is never amazing at festivals, and 2. You do not want to be in press marquees in this heat unless you really have to….. so my apologies for being vacant for so long.

So what have I been up to? Everything!! And I’ve covered so much, all need their own write up individually, but here’s a round up…

It all started at the Biggest Weekend in Swansea. I was lucky enough to be invited as part of Radio Cardiff, and what a weekend!!! Interviews, BBC Introducing stage and loads more…. things moved quickly and next was Download festival… where G ‘N ‘ R were playing a 3hr set, Bullet for my Valentine supported Avenged 7x and Ozzy Ozbourne looked like he’s had more surgery than Sharon. Next up Cardiff took disco to another level and I got to meet Sister Sledge…. Isle of Wight turned 50 the same day I turned 41, and I got to party with Tokio Myers, Feeder and Wild Front just to name a few…. Festival of Voice, Cardiff Food and Drink Festival and Cardiff Bay Beach all opened and I did reviews in my home city (that was nice I got to sleep in my bed and not a tent!), and the next day I travelled to Amplified Festival in a tour bus. And that’s where I’m at right now. Sat in Chapter, trying to take a deep breath and catch up with myself. Oh and oh yeah…. I passed my exams too, so I’m 2/3rds of the way to passing my MSc Nanomedicine and started my project 2 weeks ago…..

So a million percent I’m having a ball. I’m off to Party in the Park in Newport this weekend so if anyone is off to see Soul II Soul and Craig Charles, I’ll see you there…. Festival life for meeeeeeeee…………..

Reviews to follow peeps

Keep on swimming!

Kel xxxxx

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