Enraptured at Pasture


A Bristol Legend has opened in Cardiff

Now, I’ve heard of Pasture in Bristol but I’ve never been there. But I do know it’s one of those restaurants that when someone talks about it they pull a face first. Not a bleurgh face, but one of those roll your eyes in ecstasy and then say wow after…. So I definitely had an expectation of the one in Cardiff.

It’s situated at the Castle end of St Mary’s St, in Cardiff which really is becoming a very popular and on trend area to eat and drink in Cardiff.

So off we popped to see what it’s all about. When I say we …. I mean my good friend Jay Page and I…. Now this was going to be a bit of an interesting one as me? Well I’m as meat eater as you can get, but Jay is Vegan. Yep… so bearing in mind this is a steakhouse they really did have thier work cut out on us.

Me and the Vegan in a steakhouse 🥕

On entry the host greeted us and we were shown to our table. We had an assigned waitress, which was the brilliant Zade. We ordered on recommendation the house white the 2018 Saint Chinian Petit Paradis
(Languedoc-Roussillon, France 12.5% // 175ml £5.2 // BTL £19) priced very reasonably and very light and fruity in taste.

Although COVID had put it’s restrictions on what would’ve been a launch party, we did manage to get a face masked walk of the floor from Adam the manager. Pride of place sits the Himalayan salt chamber, where all of the meat is dry aged and what to me was important too, was that all meat is free range, pure grass fed, and locally sourced. The space is huge, plenty of tables all socially distanced. There will also be a private bar downstairs, with two private dining areas which will be opened shortly.

Himalayan Salt Drying Chamber
Pasture Cardiff

To start I went for the short rib croquettes with gochujang aioli. These are meat taken from the tomohawk aged steak, served with a spicy aoili. They were incredible…. And only £5.

Jay, being a vegan usually is limited in his choices but here there are a few to choose from. He opted for the roasted pardon peppers served with
cashew yogurt and shichimi.

gochujang aioli // £5
cashew yogurt, shichimi // £4

Now I love steak 🥩 so I had huge expectations….so I decided not to go for the fillet or the tomahawk. I decided to go for the humble rump steak, as the cheapest on the menu to see how good thier steak was… And yep… I am now one of those people who pull a funny face when they talk about a Pasture 35 day aged steak. Insert all of the ecstasy eyes rolls and feels right here. It was incredible. I chose to have mine with the Mac and Cheese …. Again amazing. There’s a full menu of sides and extras to choose from, with plenty of veggies and options if you decide to be a bit more healthy than me!

RUMP 300g // £16.95 served with Mac and Cheese and a Chimichurri sauce
four cheeses, bacon crumb//£3.95

Now. The Vegan.

Again there’s a few veggie and vegan options but Jay went for the impossible steak. As a non vegan, to me this was freaking magic. It’s a watermelon steak smoked and cut and cooked until it tastes and looks like meat. It’s literally sorcery.

watermelon, brined, smoked
and roasted served with chimichurri,
baby leaf salad & fries

Guys, there is literally zero fault with this place. The decor, the safety, the service, the incredible food, the huge bar menu and the awesome menu for vegans and veggies too. The legend really does exist.

To book and browse the menus visit https://pasturerestaurant.com/locations/cardiff/

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