A Star is Re – Born


How are we …. are we all doing ok?It’s fair to say I’ve had a busy pandemic, but I’m saving all of that story until we know its the end, as I’m not jinxing us…. we’ve come this far!! So its very fair to say I was super excited to hear of a relaunch happening right in the middle off all of this! I got dropped a message by Tom and Dave, friends of mine and long time industry peeps, who had come across an opportunity that they couldn’t say no to, even in a pandemic! They had been given the opportunity to take over what has been the College Tavern for the past number of years on North Road.Now, I think it would be fair to say that I didn’t go into the College Tavern, due to me graduating a very long time ago, and probably the last time I was in that building was when it was the North Star the first time around after it had been refurbed from the Maindy years…..(showing my age now) so I had no idea what it looked like.

Well……Guys it bloody beautiful, and its a huge space and allowing a massive ability to social distance from the table next to you.

Walk in and there’s a pool table area, brightly coloured and by the bar. Next, a large expanse of restaurant to your right hand side, with lots of very spaced out tables, with servers in masks and PPE, immediately making you feel as safe as possible.In front of you there’s a raised lounging area, with sofas, TV and a piano…. honestly, it was just like having a wine in your living room. Just past that – a conservatory dining area with so much natural light, and then as you walk around a bit more, an absolute gem of a secret garden.The decor has been upgraded with brightly coloured walls, Moroccan styled tiles and new furniture. This place is quirky but not in your face and trying too hard to be the new kid on the block.Its not very often I get surprised, but I was served DEEP FRIED LASAGNA STIX. Yes you read that right…. deep fried gooey cheesy and tomatoey deep fried lasagne… with extra cheese sauce. It was heaven. Heaven on a plate. Dave by trade is a Chef, so you can guarantee a good plate of food here, and I know Sunday roasts are going to fast become one of their specialties. The drinks menu is extensive and the gin menu huge. I washed down my lasagne stix with a large Pollination Gin.I think I have to stress this isn’t the student pub it used to be. This is going to be for the person who likes a decent drink, decent atmosphere and good food.To book email info@northstarcardiff.com or call 02920619191

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