An expert in, or, student of the scientific study of plants? More an expert in lavish decor and surprises.


The Botanist has arrived.

Well I don’t pretend to know my Tiger Lily from my Weeping Willow, but I know something of beauty when I see it.

I was a lucky girl and got a sneak peek of the new Botanist on Church Street before it opens it’s doors for its launch on Thursday.

As you walk in, you get a sense of the transformation the building has gone through and are greeted by bubbling light fittings and lush greenery… But walk up the stairs and you know these guys mean business.

I visited the Savoy just before Xmas and this place is genuinely on par and reminds me of it…. Anyone’s who has been will know what I mean when you see it.

There’s a huge bandstand in the middle of the room with a big grand piano. There’s a water feature river running through the main room with a bridge built to cross it…..all while they’ve managed to make smaller areas so it doesn’t feel vast. As you move to the back of the first floor, there’s a private dining suite, perfect for parties.

I was treated to tasters off the menu… And what a treat it was. Baked camembert served in a loaf, meat and cheese sharing platters, calamari…. But the one that stole the show for me was…. The garlic bread!!!!! I don’t know how they do it, but it’s incredible and you have to try it!!!!

Baked camembert served with onion chutney and warm bread 🤤

There’s a large menu of drinks, and I was made their wonderful version of an ameretto sours which was delicious. Price wise house wine comes in at £18.95 for a bottle.

We then moved upstairs…. And what a surprise. There’s a huge outside terrace. This place is going to be amazing for the summer months. It’s got a stage in the corner, and doors that pull back revealing the long bar that stretches right the way round.

Upstairs bar area
The outside terrace area

So in summary. This place is huge, but very cleverly designed. It’s also truly beautiful. There’s a full drinks menu, and food menu for everyone to enjoy. So whether you want live music from a grand piano or a giant roof garden with live bands, this place has something for literally everyone. I can’t see how the botanist can’t work. It’s awesome.

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