The Royalty of the Restaurants Lands in Cardiff … Sumptuous surroundings, impeccable service …. And super reasonable pricing…. The Ivy Cardiff really has it all..


It’s got to be one of the most anticipated openings in a very long time in Cardiff. At one point we weren’t even sure it was going to happen, with the original premise not going ahead, Cardiff has been waiting with baited breath to see if we really were going to get an infamous Ivy on our doorstep.

And guys, it’s all it’s cracked up to be. They’ve spent £4.2million on the venue, and it’s as lavish as you had hoped.

The decor is sumptuous and oozes luxury. The marble and mirrored bar is topped by a dragon masterpiece sculpture, and the ladies toilet has its very own sculpture of Venus …. It’s really is that awesome.

There are two floors for dining and drinking, with both tables and seats at the bar.

There is a private dining room at the back too that seats 24-30 people, exploring the height of luxury within Cardiff, with an extravagant 3k minimum spend.

However, you may expect this to make the experience expensive… And quite frankly it isn’t.

After being invited to the opening night and seeing this beautiful addition to the city, I couldn’t wait to eat here.

I was invited to a breakfast sitting, and was gobsmacked on how reasonable the food prices were.

I opted for a classic Eggs Benedict which is priced at a super reasonable £8.50, as well as a toasted crumpet served with Marmite butter at £3.50.

These prices are further mirrored in their A la Carte menu for the day and evening, with the famous Ivy Shepard’s Pie reasonably priced at £14.50, with the roast fillet of Salmon coming in at £16.25. The food is of same standard as your surroundings, really excellent……. and there is also a seperate vegan and vegetarian menu too… There is so much choice!

The drinks menu is vast. With breakfast, I opted for a coffee at a normal £3.95, but a beer for dining starts at £4.95 and a glass of wine starting at £5.95.

This is not what I was expecting whatsoever. The service is incredible, and the surrounding superb, but I can firmly say they’ve kept their pricing accessible for what will obviously become a destination venue for the city. It also has a 1.30am licence for drinking and a DJ stand upstairs, clearly stating that they are not just going to be a restaurant either. We are talking the full dinner, drinks and dancing here.

The Ivy Cardiff has it all. Amazing service, amazing decor and amazing pricing. Cardiff is well overdue something like this in a capital city, and it’s super welcome addition in my book. Long may it reign. KRB xx

Photo courtesy of Tamsin Symonds

All content is ©️Kelly’s Adventures and Kelly Reardon Brown

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