My utmost blogging apologies – I’m in a field with a pint of Dark Fruits again……


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Its fair to say Kelly is never more happy that standing in a field with a bit of live music, with a pint in her hand. I’ve literally been in fields (yes plural) over every consecutive weekend over the past 6 weeks and it’s true to say I’m sporting a tan that could rival the old woman from “Something About Mary”. Now, I’m not moaning… I’ve had the time of my life, but this does pose a bit of a blogging nightmare though as 1. Wifi is never amazing at festivals, and 2. You do not want to be in press marquees in this heat unless you really have to….. so my apologies for being vacant for so long.

So what have I been up to? Everything!! And I’ve covered so much, all need their own write up individually, but here’s a round up…

It all started at the Biggest Weekend in Swansea. I was lucky enough to be invited as part of Radio Cardiff, and what a weekend!!! Interviews, BBC Introducing stage and loads more…. things moved quickly and next was Download festival… where G ‘N ‘ R were playing a 3hr set, Bullet for my Valentine supported Avenged 7x and Ozzy Ozbourne looked like he’s had more surgery than Sharon. Next up Cardiff took disco to another level and I got to meet Sister Sledge…. Isle of Wight turned 50 the same day I turned 41, and I got to party with Tokio Myers, Feeder and Wild Front just to name a few…. Festival of Voice, Cardiff Food and Drink Festival and Cardiff Bay Beach all opened and I did reviews in my home city (that was nice I got to sleep in my bed and not a tent!), and the next day I travelled to Amplified Festival in a tour bus. And that’s where I’m at right now. Sat in Chapter, trying to take a deep breath and catch up with myself. Oh and oh yeah…. I passed my exams too, so I’m 2/3rds of the way to passing my MSc Nanomedicine and started my project 2 weeks ago…..

So a million percent I’m having a ball. I’m off to Party in the Park in Newport this weekend so if anyone is off to see Soul II Soul and Craig Charles, I’ll see you there…. Festival life for meeeeeeeee…………..

Reviews to follow peeps

Keep on swimming!

Kel xxxxx


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