Here we are then…. my first post!


So here we are…. I’ve finally started something I’ve been promising to do in quite some time.

Let me tell you all about me…. I’m 40, single and love a party. I’m passionate about music, and by chance I’ve managed to become a Radio DJ for Radio Cardiff for the Breakfast Show and also a featured Disco slot on a Sunday evening. I didn’t plan it, I made a huge life decision to cut dead my career in sporting events last year, and well it kinda found me.

As well as this, I’m in Uni studying to pursue my dream to be a doctor. Yep at the grand old age of the big 4-0. So this is a basically an invite to come and join me on my journey…… I have a blessed life, travelling, interviewing and just generally having fun, so I thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy!!

Kelly RB


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