Enraptured at Pasture


A Bristol Legend has opened in Cardiff

Now, I’ve heard of Pasture in Bristol but I’ve never been there. But I do know it’s one of those restaurants that when someone talks about it they pull a face first. Not a bleurgh face, but one of those roll your eyes in ecstasy and then say wow after…. So I definitely had an expectation of the one in Cardiff.

It’s situated at the Castle end of St Mary’s St, in Cardiff which really is becoming a very popular and on trend area to eat and drink in Cardiff.

So off we popped to see what it’s all about. When I say we …. I mean my good friend Jay Page and I…. Now this was going to be a bit of an interesting one as me? Well I’m as meat eater as you can get, but Jay is Vegan. Yep… so bearing in mind this is a steakhouse they really did have thier work cut out on us.

Me and the Vegan in a steakhouse 🥕

On entry the host greeted us and we were shown to our table. We had an assigned waitress, which was the brilliant Zade. We ordered on recommendation the house white the 2018 Saint Chinian Petit Paradis
(Languedoc-Roussillon, France 12.5% // 175ml £5.2 // BTL £19) priced very reasonably and very light and fruity in taste.

Although COVID had put it’s restrictions on what would’ve been a launch party, we did manage to get a face masked walk of the floor from Adam the manager. Pride of place sits the Himalayan salt chamber, where all of the meat is dry aged and what to me was important too, was that all meat is free range, pure grass fed, and locally sourced. The space is huge, plenty of tables all socially distanced. There will also be a private bar downstairs, with two private dining areas which will be opened shortly.

Himalayan Salt Drying Chamber
Pasture Cardiff

To start I went for the short rib croquettes with gochujang aioli. These are meat taken from the tomohawk aged steak, served with a spicy aoili. They were incredible…. And only £5.

Jay, being a vegan usually is limited in his choices but here there are a few to choose from. He opted for the roasted pardon peppers served with
cashew yogurt and shichimi.

gochujang aioli // £5
cashew yogurt, shichimi // £4

Now I love steak 🥩 so I had huge expectations….so I decided not to go for the fillet or the tomahawk. I decided to go for the humble rump steak, as the cheapest on the menu to see how good thier steak was… And yep… I am now one of those people who pull a funny face when they talk about a Pasture 35 day aged steak. Insert all of the ecstasy eyes rolls and feels right here. It was incredible. I chose to have mine with the Mac and Cheese …. Again amazing. There’s a full menu of sides and extras to choose from, with plenty of veggies and options if you decide to be a bit more healthy than me!

RUMP 300g // £16.95 served with Mac and Cheese and a Chimichurri sauce
four cheeses, bacon crumb//£3.95

Now. The Vegan.

Again there’s a few veggie and vegan options but Jay went for the impossible steak. As a non vegan, to me this was freaking magic. It’s a watermelon steak smoked and cut and cooked until it tastes and looks like meat. It’s literally sorcery.

watermelon, brined, smoked
and roasted served with chimichurri,
baby leaf salad & fries

Guys, there is literally zero fault with this place. The decor, the safety, the service, the incredible food, the huge bar menu and the awesome menu for vegans and veggies too. The legend really does exist.

To book and browse the menus visit https://pasturerestaurant.com/locations/cardiff/

A Star is Re – Born


How are we …. are we all doing ok?It’s fair to say I’ve had a busy pandemic, but I’m saving all of that story until we know its the end, as I’m not jinxing us…. we’ve come this far!! So its very fair to say I was super excited to hear of a relaunch happening right in the middle off all of this! I got dropped a message by Tom and Dave, friends of mine and long time industry peeps, who had come across an opportunity that they couldn’t say no to, even in a pandemic! They had been given the opportunity to take over what has been the College Tavern for the past number of years on North Road.Now, I think it would be fair to say that I didn’t go into the College Tavern, due to me graduating a very long time ago, and probably the last time I was in that building was when it was the North Star the first time around after it had been refurbed from the Maindy years…..(showing my age now) so I had no idea what it looked like.

Well……Guys it bloody beautiful, and its a huge space and allowing a massive ability to social distance from the table next to you.

Walk in and there’s a pool table area, brightly coloured and by the bar. Next, a large expanse of restaurant to your right hand side, with lots of very spaced out tables, with servers in masks and PPE, immediately making you feel as safe as possible.In front of you there’s a raised lounging area, with sofas, TV and a piano…. honestly, it was just like having a wine in your living room. Just past that – a conservatory dining area with so much natural light, and then as you walk around a bit more, an absolute gem of a secret garden.The decor has been upgraded with brightly coloured walls, Moroccan styled tiles and new furniture. This place is quirky but not in your face and trying too hard to be the new kid on the block.Its not very often I get surprised, but I was served DEEP FRIED LASAGNA STIX. Yes you read that right…. deep fried gooey cheesy and tomatoey deep fried lasagne… with extra cheese sauce. It was heaven. Heaven on a plate. Dave by trade is a Chef, so you can guarantee a good plate of food here, and I know Sunday roasts are going to fast become one of their specialties. The drinks menu is extensive and the gin menu huge. I washed down my lasagne stix with a large Pollination Gin.I think I have to stress this isn’t the student pub it used to be. This is going to be for the person who likes a decent drink, decent atmosphere and good food.To book email info@northstarcardiff.com or call 02920619191

An expert in, or, student of the scientific study of plants? More an expert in lavish decor and surprises.


The Botanist has arrived.

Well I don’t pretend to know my Tiger Lily from my Weeping Willow, but I know something of beauty when I see it.

I was a lucky girl and got a sneak peek of the new Botanist on Church Street before it opens it’s doors for its launch on Thursday.

As you walk in, you get a sense of the transformation the building has gone through and are greeted by bubbling light fittings and lush greenery… But walk up the stairs and you know these guys mean business.

I visited the Savoy just before Xmas and this place is genuinely on par and reminds me of it…. Anyone’s who has been will know what I mean when you see it.

There’s a huge bandstand in the middle of the room with a big grand piano. There’s a water feature river running through the main room with a bridge built to cross it…..all while they’ve managed to make smaller areas so it doesn’t feel vast. As you move to the back of the first floor, there’s a private dining suite, perfect for parties.

I was treated to tasters off the menu… And what a treat it was. Baked camembert served in a loaf, meat and cheese sharing platters, calamari…. But the one that stole the show for me was…. The garlic bread!!!!! I don’t know how they do it, but it’s incredible and you have to try it!!!!

Baked camembert served with onion chutney and warm bread 🤤

There’s a large menu of drinks, and I was made their wonderful version of an ameretto sours which was delicious. Price wise house wine comes in at £18.95 for a bottle.

We then moved upstairs…. And what a surprise. There’s a huge outside terrace. This place is going to be amazing for the summer months. It’s got a stage in the corner, and doors that pull back revealing the long bar that stretches right the way round.

Upstairs bar area
The outside terrace area

So in summary. This place is huge, but very cleverly designed. It’s also truly beautiful. There’s a full drinks menu, and food menu for everyone to enjoy. So whether you want live music from a grand piano or a giant roof garden with live bands, this place has something for literally everyone. I can’t see how the botanist can’t work. It’s awesome.

The Royalty of the Restaurants Lands in Cardiff … Sumptuous surroundings, impeccable service …. And super reasonable pricing…. The Ivy Cardiff really has it all..


It’s got to be one of the most anticipated openings in a very long time in Cardiff. At one point we weren’t even sure it was going to happen, with the original premise not going ahead, Cardiff has been waiting with baited breath to see if we really were going to get an infamous Ivy on our doorstep.

And guys, it’s all it’s cracked up to be. They’ve spent £4.2million on the venue, and it’s as lavish as you had hoped.

The decor is sumptuous and oozes luxury. The marble and mirrored bar is topped by a dragon masterpiece sculpture, and the ladies toilet has its very own sculpture of Venus …. It’s really is that awesome.

There are two floors for dining and drinking, with both tables and seats at the bar.

There is a private dining room at the back too that seats 24-30 people, exploring the height of luxury within Cardiff, with an extravagant 3k minimum spend.

However, you may expect this to make the experience expensive… And quite frankly it isn’t.

After being invited to the opening night and seeing this beautiful addition to the city, I couldn’t wait to eat here.

I was invited to a breakfast sitting, and was gobsmacked on how reasonable the food prices were.

I opted for a classic Eggs Benedict which is priced at a super reasonable £8.50, as well as a toasted crumpet served with Marmite butter at £3.50.

These prices are further mirrored in their A la Carte menu for the day and evening, with the famous Ivy Shepard’s Pie reasonably priced at £14.50, with the roast fillet of Salmon coming in at £16.25. The food is of same standard as your surroundings, really excellent……. and there is also a seperate vegan and vegetarian menu too… There is so much choice!

The drinks menu is vast. With breakfast, I opted for a coffee at a normal £3.95, but a beer for dining starts at £4.95 and a glass of wine starting at £5.95.

This is not what I was expecting whatsoever. The service is incredible, and the surrounding superb, but I can firmly say they’ve kept their pricing accessible for what will obviously become a destination venue for the city. It also has a 1.30am licence for drinking and a DJ stand upstairs, clearly stating that they are not just going to be a restaurant either. We are talking the full dinner, drinks and dancing here.

The Ivy Cardiff has it all. Amazing service, amazing decor and amazing pricing. Cardiff is well overdue something like this in a capital city, and it’s super welcome addition in my book. Long may it reign. KRB xx

Photo courtesy of Tamsin Symonds

All content is ©️Kelly’s Adventures and Kelly Reardon Brown

A Bright Ray of Tropical Sunshine Straight from the 80’s


Last night I headed to the WMC for Club Tropicana the Musical. Now anyone who knows me, knows that KELLY + 80s music = very happy person. However I did not expect what was coming.

As a girl who grew up in the 80s, I grew up with classics like Hi De Hi, Top of the Pops and Are You Being Served?

Club Tropicana was all of that rolled into one. Joe McElderry starred, heading up the show as Gary the Host and was perfect casting. No one can contest his awesome vocal ability, but I had no idea he was so funny!!The show stopper of the night for me though was the hilarious Consuela the Maid, aka Kate Robbins. Robbins of 80s Crossroads fame, is an esteemed impressionist and they use every ounce of her hysterical persona. Not to put any spoilers in, bit she will have you belly laughing and snorting like you haven’t done in along time! She has a sign you know 😆.

I belly laughed all night at this brilliant throwback to the 80s. I haven’t even mentioned the music yet, which includes tracks by Aha, ABC, and loads more.This is 80s slapstick comedy with a brilliant sound track.Please go and see this. Its brilliant.Club Tropicana the Musical is running until the 17th August and tickets can be purchased from http://www.wmc.org.uk

Can Cardiff City Centre Be a Festival Venue? A Crazy Greenspace Concept That Works


There is no doubt that Cardiff is growing rapidly. I cant remember a time when we had so much going on in my crazy little city, and it suits us. From major concerts in the Principality Stadium, to Premier League Games last year we are nailing it.

However over the past couple of years there’s definitely an uptrend in City Centre festivals. How, you may think…. we are no Hyde Park? But actually you’d be wrong. Cardiff holds over 330 parks and green spaces, and has more green spaces per person than any UK city.

Cardiff Castle, Bute Park and Sophia Gardens are right in the heart of the city, and boy, haven’t we made the most of that.

Starting of the season was the huge Inside Out Festival. Moving from their usual September slot, it was hosted in Coopers Field, behind Cardiff Castle. A blazing sunny day, made for a cracking weekend of top level music, including DJ EZ and Sean Paul.

inside out

Photo Credit: Yony Photography

Depot in the Castle did not disappoint, by adding an extra day and bringing the HUGE Nile Rodgers and Chic to the city, playing in the incredible setting of Cardiff Castle to over 4000 people on the Friday, with the next day, the original one day event, surpassing all their own expectations and bringing over 8000 people into the Castle grounds for the day, with headliners Tom Odell and Clean Bandit.


Picture Credit: Depot in the Castle

Cardiff also has its share of theatre too that hits our green space. The Everyman Theatre takes residence in Sophia Gardens every summer, with a huge mix for everyone to enjoy. There are singalongs for the children, Shakespeare for the thespians, and musicals for all.

With all this and the rest happening in the city, can you travel down comfortably for the weekend?

The answer is yes…. all because of our wonderful green space again. Close to all of these events mentioned is the brilliant Cardiff Caravan and Camping situated in Sophia Gardens. The site has a large area, with laundry facilities, shower facilities and lots more all within the City Centre. There is space for both Caravans and Tents, with access to power too. To find out more follow their link to check out the website.

Visit and book Cardiff City Centre camping here

Cardiff also has an array of incredible City Centre hotels, literally within a stones throw of our green space, including the Holiday Inn, Park Plaza and Hilton Hotels.

More and more Cardiff is becoming a destination venue. To find out more please take a look at www.VisitCardiff.com for more information on all events, information and places to stay.

Saturday’s, Sparkly Lights, Street Food and Supper Clwb’s


Cardiff really is buzzing isn’t it? This weekend I was invited by my good friend Jay Page to the soft opening of Mowgli Street food. Situated in the old Poundstretcher, opposite the Old Arcade on Church Street, its a little doorway that packs a huge punch.

You are greeted with thousands of sparkling lights (and I mean thousands) on entry. The décor has a twist, and Jay and I, found ourselves sat in the open window…. on swings! Yep, instead of normal boring chairs, you get to swing yourself into the weekend (I mean literally here folks!!) while watching the world go by.


Jay swinging into the weekend!!!!

The service was excellent…. and the waitress was articulate in explaining how it all worked. There was a full separate vegan, separate vegetarian, and separate full page normal menu, so super impressed with the choice.

I opted for the Office Tiffin Box. Inside were 3 different curries and one rice. For me lamb and chickpea curry (they all have super dupa complicated names) won the day for me, but all were tasty. The chef changes the option on a daily basis, so you will never get bored of this dish. The Office Tiffin Box costs £16 , and honestly was too much to eat, so I thought great value too.


Office Tiffin Box at Mowgli Street Food

Off we popped after a bottle of wine (or two) to the Wales Millennium Centre. On a Saturday they’ve been hosting a set of Supper Clwb’s in Ffresh Restaurant. Each week has a theme, some musical, burlesque, comedy and drag just to name a few. We were there for the drag extravaganza that is Jolene Dover, hosted by Connie Orff. Featuring Victoria Scone and PomPom too, the night was full of sassy laughs to a full house and a standing ovation.


The Supper Clwb package costs £30 and includes a bellini cocktail on arrival, your live cabaret act, 3 plates of tapas style food, and a cocktail for your dessert! The night is perfect for everyone with the choice of shows, and perfect for a celebration. The list of shows can be found here: Supper Clwb Shows.


Life just got mental. Festival Season is here again! Hereford Festival, Inside Out and Lots of Disco!



I do realise I’ve been a bit quiet lately.. however its because fezzy season is well and truly here.

Firstly I have to give a huge shout out to Hereford Festival. I played and hosted the Stadium Festival last week, for the rewind stage and I must say what a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold and the music was great.

Playing was the beautiful Leanne from Sweet Female Attitude, Gareth Gates, Dappy and some great local talent too. The tempo changed halfway through, to get the crowd ready for the Clubland day the next day, with an absolutely banging set from DJ Ironik, Amazing vocals from JX Live and to finish it off, N Trance left everyone on a massive high with one of the best sets I’ve heard in a long time.

This weekend was the brilliant Inside Out festival in Cardiff …. This time I was a guest and made the most of it!!!!

In past years Inside Out has been later in the year in September, so I was interested to see how this would change the vibe.

Well what can I say? The sun was blazing, the arena was packed to the seams and the artists were on FIRE!

Sean Paul headlined, and what a show. He’s one of those artists where you just forget how many ridiculously huge tunes he’s had! It was such a good festival and I’m very happy to see they’ve announced their dates already for next year. The festival is an asset to the city and I can’t wait for next year.

I’ve also been discovering lots of new music, and last week featured the Brothers Johnson on Studio 54 my disco show, every week on Radio Cardiff. All my shows are available on mixcloud, and if you fancy a boogie …. You can have a listen here


Enjoy the sunshine!


The Untold Story of Berry Gordy – Motown the Musical

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When I was 12, as most teenagers did, I had to do the dishes after dinner every night., not in a dishwasher (as I keep telling you I’m old), but stand there and wash them for half an hour by hand . I used to have a tape player to listen to music to keep me quiet, and one of my discoveries at that age was an album by Smokey Robinson. That was probably my first actual love of Motown, and after that it hit me square between the eyes… The Supremes, Stevie, the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye…. the list just keeps going on.

However, Berry Gordy….. hmm  ….. I heard he was a bit hard on the artists, but didn’t really know much about him, so was really interested in what the musical was going to bring to the table, as this musical was actually produced by Berry Gordy to set the record straight.motown.large

The story starts backstage before the 25th anniversary concert, in 1983, with Berry Gordy refusing to go to his own anniversary.

We then get taken on a musical journey form the beginning, explaining how he got his first hit with Reet Petite, when he met his best friend Smokey Robinson, when the Supremes entered Motown, how the Jackson 5 got involved and lots more. It tackles the problem of racism which was encountered by all the artists at the time, and how they overcame the divide with their music to bring us hits that we know today as classics. It also tells you about how Berry and Diana fell in love, and ultimately his fascination with Diana, led to a lot of disgruntled bands in Motown, and eventually the demise of the label.


As a musical it is packed with more hits than I’ve ever experienced, and despite them not physically able to fit more in, you know they have missed some out! Its visually stunning, and the costumes and dancing fill the stage at every opportunity.

Without a shadow of a doubt though the two things that shone through this amazing show are the two stars of the evening, Edward Baruwa who plays Berry Gordy, and Karis Anderson who plays Diana. Karis literally has so many songs to sing, and she does it outstandingly. She doesn’t miss a note, and plays Diana, with a tinge of crazy….. which we all know is what we love about Diana Ross. Edward Baruwa’s tone to his voice is on another level. He barely needs the orchestra or a microphone, and can fill the WMC with his booming vocals with one note. Expect those hairs to stand on end. They will.

All in all guys, expect a visual and acoustic wonder. The artists do Berry Gordy, his story, and his stars more than justice. Expect audience participation, singing and dancing.

Expect an amazing night out.


Motown the Musical is running in the Wales Millenium Centre from 26th March –  6th April. Running time approx. 2 hours 40 mins.



Cardiff Eats. The Something Different Supper Club


I was invited to my very first supper club the other day….

Not being a particular foodie, I wasn’t really sure what this entailed, so off I went to 10 Maryport in Roath Cardiff for their once a month evening venture. Now apparently supper clubs are all about the surprise set menu, and I do love a surprise.

Every month is themed, March being a Taste of Italy. Its a creation put together by Dave Rowlands, the chef of the evening, and with 4 courses for only £25, its a bargain to say the least!

We started off with a gorgeous Tuscan Bean Soup, next was bruschetta, with the mains being a fresh pasta dish with Italian sausage, finished off with a stunning Sicilian Lemon Tiramisu.

All of the courses were tasty and fresh, with my personal favourites being a close competition between the smokeyness of the Tuscan soup, and the spicy strong Italian flavours of the Nduja sausage.

Guys, this is a little gem that not many people know about. For the money its more than a bargain as I rolled out of there full as an egg!!

The flavours are moreish, and I just love the surprise too. There are vegan and veggie options available on request when booking. Its BYOB, so take a bottle of wine and enjoy this little hidden gem in Roath…

Next one we are off to France (see below) …. See ya there ❤️